Side Cargo Pockets with Advanced Tactical Features

What makes CCW Breakaways side cargo pockets distinctively different from all the others? We have built-in features that will enhance your tactical proficiency. You will be able to carry more. Conceal more cargo. And access your stored cargo much more quickly.

  • smooth, non-billowing pockets for a more gray-man-ish appearance; great for business casual
  • no-catch leading edge for rounding cornered objects
  • one-handed zip-like open
  • inner loop for Velcro attachment of spare magazines, knives, lights, anti-print shields, etc.
  • pocket depth for Glock 33 round mag concealability


Examine all the CCW Breakaways Concealed Carry Pants, Shorts, and SkinTight Holsters to see how you can draw your firearm faster and be more tactically proficient. You will also enjoy convenient holstering and all-day-long comfort with your EDC.