How do CCW Breakaways benefit me in Public Restrooms?

Most people who carry concealed weapons understand the complications of using a public restroom. With other CCW methods, you enter the stall, remove, and then secure your weapon/holster. Sometimes the combo ends up on top of the toilet tank . . . sometimes on the door hook . . . sometimes on the TP holder . . . and sometimes the package ends up between your legs.

With CCW Breakaways pants, your firearm never leaves the holster-pocket. Just do your business and pull up your pants. Your firearm is always concealed and always secured.

USA Today pubished an article in 2010 and reported that nearly 200 firearms had been misplaced in public areas. Guess what? Public Restrooms were on the 'lost & found' list of locations. Click this link for DHS Lost Guns.