CCW Breakaways promotes Safety First . . . Safety Always! Practice safety and be responsible with your firearms and our products.

First, if you are ever in doubt about a practice, a procedure, an operation, the selection of a firearm, or any firearm-related equipment-gear-clothing, seek professional and certified instruction. The US Concealed Carry Association or the National Rifle Association are organizations that can assist you with competent instruction and instructors. The linked images below will help you begin your journey. 




Second, always obey the universally taught and industry accepted Gun Safety Rules. If you obey these rules, you will never have an accident. Download either the NRA or the NSSF brochures by clicking on the links provided here. 



Third, use firearms with manual safeties or implement and use a rigid holster, or an after-market safety device. We promote and sell

SkinTight Holsters and SAF-T-BLOK trigger blockers. Seek, discover, and implement the best solution to meets your requirements.



And finally, please practice regularly! Proper gun handling skills must be practiced in order to develop proficiency. For example, one skill that is essential to master is trigger finger discipline. Find industry respected knowledge like the linked image below. This articles teaches that involuntary hand clenches can lead to an accidental discharge (AD). It is essential to understand the effects and consequences of improper handling. Negligent or accidental discharges can result from poor trigger finger discipline. Again, seek competent instruction when in doubt.


  Inside each pair of CCW Breakaways Pants you will find our product care tag sewn into the back pocket. The product label provides instruction for washing and care of your products but it also promotes our Safety First - Safety Always! webpage.