How to Draw a Gun

Want to draw a gun more quickly? You can be three times faster with safe, smooth, ergonomic techniques. Wearing the right clothing and the the right holster is the first step.

Just execute three simple steps: 1) establish a full-gun-grip, 2) snap your wrist outward to enlarge the "breakaway" opening, and 3) draw straight up and aim.


Can you peek inside the pants and see more details? Absoutely! Let's break each step down with a real life draw and then examine illustrations to further explain how the CCW Breakaways method of concealed carry is convenient for holstering and fast for deployment when you need it.

How fast can you draw? By establishing a full-gun-grip while the gun is in concealment, you are eliminating a significant part of the cycle time. Less than one second draw is easy to accomplish in either a standing or seated position.

In extremely rare scenarios, you may need to use your weak or non-dominate hand to draw. Here's a great example of how to draw with your off-hand.

Let's compare two different concealed carry methods in slow-motion for the time to access and the time to draw or deploy. How does CCW Breakaways' one-handed holster-pocket compare for speed against the two-handed IWB method?


Examine all the CCW Breakaways Concealed Carry Pants, Shorts, and SkinTight Holsters to see how you can draw your firearm faster and be more tactically proficient. You will also enjoy convenient holstering and all-day-long comfort with your EDC.