3 Shots - 3 Steps - 3 Seconds Gun Fights

Why do CCW Breakaways customers adopt our self-defense methodology?  And, just what are the principles behind this fighting system? What is the cost and what is the benefit of CCW Breakaways methods? We'll explain our 3-3-3 principle here.

We know in today's world that violent crimes take place at extremely close ranges for Law Enforcement and for CCW Civilians.  How close? From the FBI's annual Uniform Crime Reports and their Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) Killed and Assaulted Reports, we know that from 2001 to 2010 officers were killed at these distances:

  5 feet or less         49% of the time

10 feet or less         67% of the time

21 feet or less         81% of the time




In this era of cameras recording everything, you will find that YouTube is full of examples supporting the LE and civilian stats. If you're not sure where to start, check out ActiveSelfProtection. This channel is a great place to learn about self defense with a firearm.

The bottom line is pretty easy to remember . . . the typical violent encounter has

3 Shots Fired - at 3 Steps in Distance - in 3 Seconds Duration

Does every violent crime follow this rule? No, but it is a great baseline to be prepared for.  If 80% of occurrences happen up close, shouldn't this be where we are most tactically proficient?  When bad things happen in this range, you don't have seconds to respond. CCW Breakaways customers know this and have three significant tactical advantages over their adversaries.

FIRST, CCW Breakaways customers draw faster with our system than from a conventional holster because more than half the cycle time has been eliminated.  Before a conflict escalates, you already have a full gun grip in a concealed state.  Most CCW Instructors want their students to draw from concealment in 1.5 seconds. CCW Breakaways customers can be on target and firing in 0.66 seconds . . . and they only need one hand to draw, not two. This video illustrates the point.



SECOND, CCW Breakaways customers have a deeper concealment.  They blend in and do not telegraph their capabilities.  They wear normal-looking clothes and do not have the appearance of a tactical operator. They do not have to wear cover clothes like a vest and they can tuck their shirts in. They are able to carry spare magazines and accessories in greater quantity than any other concealment system.  Check out the features in our Cargos.

THIRD, CCW Breakaways customers have a comfortable method of carry. There are 17.25 million CCW permits issued in the USA, but only 2.4% carry all the time . . . mostly because these permit holders just haven't found a comfortable method for concealment and carry. With CCW Breakaways, the firearm is stored and carried below the hip line-of-flexure and on the thigh's inside radius.  You have mobility . . . you can stand, sit, squat and even go over fences with a gun in your holster-pocket.  Our Videos page shows all of these capabilities. While sitting, there is no pinching at the waistband or a jabbing holster pushing into your back.

So we ask . . . What other tool or tactic can cut your draw time by a factor of two or three? What other tool or tactic can get you on target and firing in 0.66 seconds? What other tool or tactic can improve your concealment and comfort? And finally, what other tool or tactic can give you all of those performance improvements for about $75?  Let us know if you find one. You can improve your own tactical proficiency today . . . shop for CCW Breakaways KhakisCargosJeans, or Shorts.