CCW Breakaways patented concealed carry clothing solve three common holstering complaints: the trade-off between comfort, fast access, and hide-ability. You can have all three!

In our concealed carry pants, you will 1) carry in comfort with no gun pinch at waistband, 2) pre-stage your grip: in concealment for fast deployment, and 3) enlarge the "breakaway" opening for deep concealment. You will be the ultimate grey man in "normal-looking" clothes.

Step 1: Watch this 1 Minute Video

Learn How This CCW Holster-Conceal-Carry-Draw System Works


  • You eliminate the gun pinching at the waist or the belt line because you carry below the hip-line-of-flexure
  • You are agile in any position: standing, bending, squatting, sitting, knee-striking, or even in ground-fighting positions

For ACCESS you draw in 0.66 seconds

  • Because you have a full gun grip in concealment, which cuts the draw-time in half
  • You draw one-handed; not with two
  • You have an enlarged "breakaway" pocket opening; eliminating a "monkey-trapped" grip

For HIDE-ABILITY and deep concealment

  • You wear normal-looking clothing
  • You are covert w/o the tactical operator appearance

Step 2: Get the RIGHT Size

CCW Breakaways Pants are TRUE-TO-SIZE. Other manufacturers' clothing labels may not be accurate. Make sure to MEASURE your EXISTING pants before ordering and read our Proper Fit guide.

Step 3: Place Your Order & Receive Your Order

Shop Conceal Carry Khakis, Cargos, Jeans, Shorts and Accessories

Step 4: Set-Up Instructions

The Ultimate "How To" Guide

After your order arrives, watch our instructional video for proper set-up and adjustment of your built-in holster-pockets.

Everyone knows the FIRST RULE of a gun fight. It is, "have a gun!" And yet, the Crime Research Prevention Center tells us that only 2.4% of the 16.4 million CCW permit holders carry all the time.

Is the lack a comfortable holster keeping you from carrying? Our holsters are built-in to Khakis, Cargos, Jeans and Shorts so that you can comfortably carry all the time in normal-looking clothing...and always be prepared.

More and more video data pours into YouTube everyday. Most street encounters are 3 Shots Fired, 3 Seconds In Duration, 3 Steps In Distance. CCW Breakaways CCW Clothing gives you a tactical advantage in close quarters (zero to 9') where access and deployment times are crucial.