The videos in this section will illustrate what can be accomplished in the CCW Breakaways Pants. You can comfortably carry a firearm concealed in "normal-looking" clothes . . . not telegraph your capabilities . . . be agile and not have your mobility constricted by a gun or a holster that pinches you at the waistband . . . and have the ability to rapidly access and draw your firearm when required. These videos are intended to show how the CCW Breakaways products and methods enhance your tactical proficiency. The actions and scenarios are not to be interpreted as the optimum tactical solution sets. 

Fast Access Holster-Pockets with Comfort & Mobility

Running or jumping - no gun or holster pinching


 Comfortable Even in a Squat - One Handed Draw from Ground


 Comparing Concealment Methods - CCW Breakaways v. IWB

Appearance - Comfort - Speed 


 One Handed Draw from Concealment in Non-tactical Clothing



 Fast Access & Comfortable Holster-Pockets in Seated Position


Fastest Holster in Slow Motion

Disguised & Enlargeable Holster-Pocket Openings


 High Capacity Concealment

MagSocks + Side Cargo Pockets = 178 9mm rounds