Extra Belt Loops

Extra! Extra! Extra! Yes, we have have extra belt loops on all our Pants and Shorts. Why? Because our pants and shorts are tools. They're not just clothing . . . they're tools that perform life saving jobs.


CCW Breakaways clothing conceals and carries firearms and accessories that are used to protect innocent life. That's a heavier load than just carrying a wallet and some car keys. Our built-in holster pockets are rugged and sturdy to carry to the extra load. The belt loops are an integral part of the complete system. Our belt loops are also cut a little wider than most manufacturers.


There's no saggy-belt-syndrome with our pants and shorts. The Khakis, Cargos, and Jeans all have one extra belt loop on the back side. This more evenly distributes the total weight. And the Denim Jeans have an additional belt loop on the front side too.

 Learn more about the TOP FOUR REASONS and the improved tactical proficiency derived from CCW Pants and Shorts. Don't forget to checkout the Multi-Purpose Belts you see pictured here. They are tools too and have HOLES-ALL-THE-WAY-AROUND. Find out why!