Why we carry below the hip-line-of-flexure

Why did CCW Breakaways design their patented built-in holster-pockets below the hip-line-of-flexure? For mobility! For comfort! For concealment! For speed!

A medical professional calls it the inguinal crease. We call it the hip-line-of-flexure. When a firearm is carried below this line, the CCW adherent is able to move freely and without pain. The unrestricted movement provides greater pain-free mobility than the popularized IWB holsters which act like a splint on a broken bone. There's no discomfort across the waistband and there's no firearm-holster stabbing your abdomen.

Watch us torture test the CCW Pants and Shorts to see how they performed in the Tough Mudder obstacle course that demanded maneuverability and a full range of motion using the arms, torso, and legs. You too can run over, under, around, or through the obstacles in your life!

If we had X-RAY vision, you would be able to see the firearm comfortably carried in a customized holster-pocket adjusted perfectly to fit your body.

Purchase the CCW Pants or Shorts and you'll be able to sit, stand, jump, climb, and carry your concealed firearm comfortably all day long.