Built-In Holster-Pockets

CCW Breakaways Pants and Shorts look normal from the outside. But peek inside and discover the secret that enables you to have the fastest withdrawal, the deepest concealment, and the most comfortable carry system available. No matter which style appeals to you, you'll experience greater tactical proficiency.


The secret to concealment, comfort, and speed? The patented Holster-Pockets are made from two inner layers of durable and slippery rip stop nylon for a  speedy no-snag firearm withdrawal. Then another layer of comfy cotton to build strength and hold the weight. And finally, one layer of Velcro loop on the inside for accessory attachments and one on the outside for infinite customization to your specific firearm and body shape.

Key Features:

  • The firearm is carried below the hip-line-of-flexure and on the thigh's inside radius - where there is a natural cavity
  • Two integrated pockets designed for firearm carry and concealment - for right-handed and left-handed users
  • Fully adjustable for multiple firearm sizes and body shapes
  • Internal Velcro attachment points to accommodate spare magazine (MagSocks) and supplemental tools such as knives and lights
  • External sleeves to provide Anti-Print Shield (APS) installation
  • "Breakaway" snaps disguised under the waistband to enhance firearm withdraw speed by creating enlargeable openings
  • Rip-stop-nylon liner - non-snagging fabric to enhance firearm withdraw speed & and no pocket lint
  • The draw stroke is fast because it is ergonomic - like drawing from a thigh rig - the finger, the hand, the wrist & the forearm are all in proper alignment

Can other items be stored and carried in the same pocket that my gun is in?

We DO NOT encourage or endorse anything else in the holster-pocket that carries the gun. CCW Breakaways holster-pockets are designed to be dedicated to the firearm only . . . just like a regular gun holster. Nothing else is ever stored in a leather or Kydex holster.

If you Google the term "Negligent Discharges," you will discover that ND's have occurred in regular IWB and OWB holsters when “other items” get in the trigger guard of a firearm. What other items? Clothing. Over-hanging Shirt Tails. Keys. Coins. Money. Knives. Plastic-Toggles from Jackets/Coats/Pullovers. Etc.