Velcro Hook 1"W X 12"L

(You save )


Your supplemental tools can be stored along the hip-line-of-flexure for concealment, comfort, and rapid deployment. CCW Breakaways has built-in Velcro "loop" in each holster-pocket in every pant and short style. And in each Cargo pant or short, the side cargo pocket has built-in Velcro "loop."

Custom cut & apply super-adhesive-backed "hook" Velcro to your edged weapons. Conceal your knives! Apply the "hook" Velcro to your tactical lights, pepper spray, or any tool you carry. 

Don't dig for your tools down deep in the bottom of your pockets. Velcro them in place for quick access.

CCW Breakaways Hook and Loop Attachment Systems provide the Fastest Draw, the Deepest Concealment - the Most Comfortable carry of firearms and accessories.


Sometimes, less is more. Apply the hook Velcro sparingly. It only take a small amount of hook to adhere to the loop.

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