Spare Magazine Socks (MagSocks)

(You save $2.00 )


CCW Breakaways patented Spare Magazine Socks, or "MagSocks" are sewn with 2" Wide by 4 1/2" L Velcro "hook" material on one side and a spandex material on the other side. They safely store your spare magazines in a known, secure & quickly accessible location. MagSocks have a compression fit around your spare magazines like a sock fits around your foot. And they pull-out easily for fast deployment.

They are designed to attach to an inner Velcro lining inside the CCW Breakaways Holster-Pockets along the hip-line-of-flexure for comfort & concealment. The Single and Double Stack MagSocks are the same outside dimension but a Single Stack has one extra and narrower stitch around the perimeter which holds the magazine a little tighter.

Do not telegraph your tactical capabilities by exposing your survival tools. Conceal your spare magazines, tactical lights, pepper spray, or EDC knife. MagSocks will stay Velcro'd in place when spare magazines are accessed & deployed.

The product was reviewed by the Gun Cranks at FMG Publications.

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