SkinTight Holster

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Scroll down to view the SLIM & REGULAR

images & size charts for tested firearms


Eliminate accidental discharges (AD) with

CCW Breakaways SkinTight Pocket Holster.



It is super-skinny-thin and works in all pockets. Pants and Shorts pockets. Jacket pockets. Backpack pockets. Ladies purse pockets. Any pocket!

Made in USA with a hard-inner-Kydex core and a soft-outer-skin to tightly-fit around your firearm. Less than one ounce in weight and perfect for micro 9mm's and others.


Excellence built into the patented design and construction:

     trigger finger always landing "on-the-slide"

     using registration bumps for an indexed

     sensory location point (for both lefties

     and righties)

     hard core for zero penetration into the

     trigger guard and soft rubbery exterior

     for holding in place


     unobstructed firearm entry and smooth

     sliding withdrawal

     contouring tapered shape to eliminate

     printing; not thick and bulky


     thermoformed, snag-free sight channel

Click the linked text and learn how to holster and draw using the SkinTight Holster.

If your firearm is not listed in the tested sizing chart below, the SkinTight Holster may still work for you. Please click here to evaluate and compare the dimensions.


Which SkinTight Holster is right for my firearm?


The SLIM is made for guns up to 1.10" wide

The REGULAR is made for guns greater than 1.10" wide


See the reference chart and gallery of photos below for the tested firearms



The SLIM and REGULAR SkinTight core dimensions

are the same in height and width. They only differ in how "tight"

the "skin" squeezes and retains the firearm.


The REGULAR SkinTight allows for wider firearms.


In the Blue Gun image,

the SLIM on the left and

the REGULAR on the right. 

Gallery of Tested Firearms in CCW Breakaways SkinTight Holster

Active Self Protection's

John Correia (3.0M YouTube followers)

examines how the CCW Breakaways

concealed carry method came about and

how the SkinTight Pocket Holster is used.

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