CCW Breakaways SkinTight Pocket Holster is super-skinny and thin. It works in all pockets. Pants pockets. Jacket pockets. Backpack pockets. Any pocket!

For holstering? Always looks into the holster and slide the firearm in. Then position the SkinTight and your firearm in your favorite pocket.

For drawing the firearm? It's a simple 1-2-3 step process. 1) Establish a full gun grip and have the trigger finger find the "registration bump." 2) Apply a slight inward pressure against your thigh (if you're using a pants pocket). 3) Pull straight up.

You will eliminate any potential of an accidental discharge when your trigger finger lands on the slide and not in the trigger guard area. Always practice safe gun handling skills and become proficient.


Examine all the CCW Breakaways Concealed Carry PantsShorts, and SkinTight Holsters to see how you can draw your firearm faster and be more tactically proficient. You will also enjoy convenient holstering and all-day-long comfort with your EDC.