CCW Breakaways has been recognized for its innovation and excellence in the concealed carry industry. The company has been awarded six patents and one trademark, underscoring its dedication to pushing the boundaries of concealed carry technology. The intellectual property can be accessed in the linked images and text below.

US 8,307,465   |   US 8,484,765   |   US 8,522,367   |   US 8,839,464   |   US 8,856,970   |   D997,549

TM 4,190,005

Adjustable Holster-Pocket Depth


Spare Magazine Holsters


Sleeve & Shield

Breakaway Enlargable Opening

SkinTight Holster

Registered Trademark

US 8,307,465   |   US 8,484,765   |   US 8,522,367   |   US 8,839,464   |   US 8,856,970   |   D997,549

TM 4,190,005

The Problem

The patented CCW Breakaways products and methods solve holstering problems that have existed for over 170 years. There’s always been a tradeoff between speed of access, concealability, and comfort.

The deeper you hide your firearm and traditional holster, the slower your draw. And we know, every fraction of a second can mean the difference between life and death.

In a world of increasing and unpredictable violence, it is surprising that only 2.4% carry all the time. We also know that if a holster isn’t comfortable, a permitted concealed carrier is more likely to leave his firearm at home in the nightstand.

The Solution

CCW Breakaways products with built-in holster-pockets and disguised enlargeable “breakaways” openings allow the concealed carry adherent to carry a firearm while blending unnoticed into the crowd. The non-tactical clothing appearance provides covert operation without telegraphing capabilities or intent.

The patented features provide a tactically proficient advantage because the user “pre-stages” the firearm in concealment for deployment. A one-handed, full-gun-grip eliminates half of the draw cycle steps. The enlargeable opening eliminates the “monkey trap” from the combined circumference of the fist and the grip. And since the firearm is stored below the hip-line-of-flexure, the user has increased range of motion, mobility, and comfort without the usual gun holster waistband stab.

Discover the four top reasons customers choose CCW Breakaways Pants, Shorts, and Holsters. Our patented features protect families and save lives!