With almost  20 million CCW permits in the USA, why do only 2.4% carry all the time?

CCW Breakaways concealed carry clothing solves every problem and eliminates every excuse. Our concealed carry pants are available in Khakis, Cargos, Jeans, and Shorts.

Four BOLD Claims

1. The most convenient gun holster (because it is built-into our clothing). No wasted time putting on special clothes, cover garments, or lacing up a holster. Just drop in the gun and go!

2. The most comfortable holstering (because there is no gun-pinch or binding at the waistband like IWB's or OWB's). You can stand, sit, bend, move, and squat all-day-long with your firearm below the hip-line-of-flexure. No pain. No discomfort.

3. The most hidden and deepest concealment (because you are wearing normal-looking clothing) with no gun printing.

4. The fastest-gun-draw-from-concealment (because we've cut half the cycle time out of the sequence of movements). You pre-stage your grip on the weapon . . . and when you draw, you use one hand . . . not two.

Get tactically proficient. Survive violent encounters. Always be prepared. Always carry! 


  Tactical Pants that do not look "tactical." Blend into the crowd. Be the Gray Man.

Conceal and Carry, but don't telegraph your capabilities!

Concealed on inner thigh. Below Hip-Line-Of-Flexure. One hand draw.

 Concealed on inner thigh. Below Hip-Line-Of-Flexure. One hand draw. "Breakaway" Enlargeable Opening.

Fastest Draw from Concealment.


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