Charcoal Gray Concealed Carry Work & Casual Pants

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  • Styling & Features
    • Strong enough for work environments. Styled for everyday casual wear.
    • Built-in holster-pockets. Fast access "Breakaway" opening. Right-side cell phone pocket.
    • Covert without a tactical operator appearance
    • Relaxed fit to enhance mobility & comfort
    • No exposed logos to telegraph your CCW capabilities
    • Extra belt loops for greater support. Click Here for Details.


  • Construction
    • 100% Cotton - Soft, breathable, durable 13 ounce thick fabric
    • Tough YKK Brand zippers & snaps
    • No shrink pants - sewn, stone washed, dried and pressed before shipment eliminates shrinkage worry


  • Patented Holster-Pockets
    • Two integrated pockets designed for firearm carry and concealment - for right or left handed users
    • Fully adjustable for multiple firearm sizes and body shapes
    • Internal Velcro attachments to accommodate Spare Magazine (MagSocks) and supplemental tools such as knives and lights
    • External sleeves to provide Anti-Print Shield (APS) installation
    • "Breakaway" snaps disguised under the waistband to enhance firearm withdraw speed . . . eliminating the "monkey-trapped" hand
    • Rip-stop-nylon liner - non-snagging fabric to enhance firearm withdraw speed & and no pocket lint


  • Considerations for CCW Breakaways Work & Casual Pants
    • Designed to carry and conceal compact semi-automatics
    • Successfully field tested with a Sig P365, Glock 26, Glock 43, Smith & Wesson Shield, Ruger MAX-9 & EC9, Springfield Hellcat & XDs, Taurus GX4
    • Concealment is enhanced with Anti-Print Shield (an optional use accessory, but strongly encouraged with this pant design to eliminate printing)
    • 0.66 second withdrawal speed achieved - reference the Faster Than a Holster video
    • The typical outside-the-home violent street encounter is 3 shots fired - 3 seconds in duration - at 3 yards in distance
    • MagSocks allow you to comfortably carry & conceal spare magazines in your opposing front Holster-Pocket
    • If your security needs require a larger firearm, please consider purchasing the CCW Breakaways Khakis or Cargos