How to ride a motorcycle with a concealed carry firearm

How do you ride a motorcycle with a concealed carry firearm? It's easy with CCW Breakaways Concealed Carry Pants and Shorts. The firearm is safely located below the hip-line-of-flexure and therefore you have all-day-long comfort. There's no pinching or binding at the waistline. Drawing is simple and fast in the enlargeable "breakaway" opening. There's no monkey-trapped hand in the pocket. 

Adoptees of the CCW Breakaways's concealed carry methodology usually come for comfort and convenience, but they soon discover that there are improved tactical benefits and features too. Whether your current method is IWB or OWB, there are always trade-offs in comfort, fast access, and hide-ability. Our pants and shorts with built-in holster-pockets solve those problems. You can have all three without compromise! Learn more about the TOP FOUR REASONS and the improved tactical proficiency derived from CCW Pants and Shorts.