Proper Fit

How do you select the right size CCW Breakaways Pants or Shorts? It's easy, just follow the step-by-step instructions here.

CCW Breakaways Concealed Carry Pants and Shorts are manufactured and labeled TRUE-TO-SIZE to provide accuracy and consistency for the customer. Too many manufacturers label their clothing using a VANITY-SIZED formula which leads to sizing standards that vary from one brand to another.

What is Vanity Sizing? It is the practice of labeling a garment "smaller" than it actually measures. It is done to allow the buyer to think that he or she is thinner than they might actually be. It might make you "feel better" momentarily, but the practice makes it difficult for consumers to make informed decisions and achieve consistency in their purchases. Again, CCW Breakaways labeling practice is TRUE-TO-SIZE.

Follow the instructions provided here to get a good, proper fit!


Step 1. Measure a comfortable pair of your existing pants or shorts as shown in the photo. Do not choose an existing pant that is tight fitting. Do not choose an existing pant with an expandable elastic waistband.

Step 2. Lay the pants flat and stretch a tape measure across the inside of the waistband. The front and rear of the waistband ought to be straight across.

Step 3. Record the number. Multiply by two. This is your TRUE-TO-SIZE Waist.

Please note that all manufactured products have some plus or minus tolerance to the nominal dimension. The images in the examples below measure a little more than 16.” So each garment is labeled as a Size 32” Waist. The CCW Breakaways Size 32 pants and shorts are on the plus-side of our specification. If you're unsure of your size, feel free to Contact Us for assistance.







If you regularly use an IWB holster . . . and if you normally up-size your pants to use the IWB holster . . . you do not need to do that with CCW Breakaways pants and shorts.


Step 1. Lay your pants out flat.

Step 2. Measure from the crotch to the bottom of the pant leg. This is your TRUE-TO-SIZE Inseam.



No. A shrink test has already been performed on every fabric lot we purchase. The shrinkage percentage is then entered into our patterns and adjusted. The patterns are cut and sewn into a finished garment. The finished garment is then professionally washed and dried wherein the garment shrinks to our TRUE-TO-SIZE specification. The garment is then iron pressed and packaged for you.

We do the shrinking calculations for you. It is one less thing for you to worry about.

It is true that this process adds cost to the overall product, but it also ensures that you consistently get a high quality and proper fitting pant.