How To Discover the Basics in the CCW Breakaways System?

This is "THE" How To video which covers "THE" essentials for all CCW Breakaways users. The basics are covered in detail and follow the outline and subject matter here:

0:00 to 0:48     How To Get the Proper Fit

0:49 to 2:45     How To Adjust the Holster-Pockets for your Specific Firearm; Using Standard Adjustment Features - Part 1

2:46 to 4:20     How To Answer the Question, "How big of a gun can I carry?"

4:21 to 5:03     How To Adjust the Holster-Pockets for your Specific Firearm; Using Standard Adjustment Features - Part 2

5:04 to 6:18     How To Adjust the Holster-Pockets for your Specific Firearm; Customizing




How To Draw from your Holster-Pockets?

This video serves as a promotion for one of our three bold claims. You will examine the "FASTER-THAN-A-HOLSTER" principle, but the importance here is to focus on the gross motor skills aspect of this draw cycle. This video had to be shot at twice the standard frame rate to capture the motion. The draw cycle was just too fast when played back in standard slow-motion mode. If you have ever had that shot of adrenaline in a crisis, you know that your fine motors skills diminish and impair your performance. CCW Breakaways users' performance is based on utilizing gross motor skills only which put you on target in 0.66 seconds.




How To Carry, Conceal, and Deploy Spare Magazines?

Not a problem with CCW Breakaways system. MagSocks (short for Magazine Socks) allow you to store your spare mags along your hip-line-of-flexure. There is no pinching or discomfort and the cycle time for a tactical reload is unbeatable. One inch wide adhesive-backed Velcro can be applied to your other tools for the same carry-conceal-deploy approach.




How To Install and Modify the TriggerGuardShields (TGS)?

There are three TGS choices: the STANDARD TGS, the JEANS TGS and the MAKE-YOUR-OWN TGS. The TGS's are an optional use accessory and they serve multiple roles. No matter which of the three you choose, they all install using the same procedure.

Step 1     Turn your CCW Breakaways Pants inside out.

Step 2     Roll your Holster-Pockets over to discover a sleeve for receiving the TGS.

Step 3     Slide the TGS into the Holster-Pocket outer sleeve.



tgs-1-200w.jpg        tgs-2-354w.jpg

Khaki & Cargo TriggerGuardShield Installation

Because the CCW Jeans design have the traditional 1873 scooping front pocket, and because there are no pleats on the front of the Jeans, the firearm size limitation for smaller waisted gents can be extended by using a TGS.  Firearm concealability is mostly governed by how tight you wear your pants and your specific body shape.  The JEANS TGS assists users by smoothing over high points in the area of the gun grip and the pattern follows the scooped pocket contour.



2-40-jeans-tgs-installed-cut-away-view-300w-434h.jpg           3-39-jeans-tgs-300w-473h.jpg

Jeans TriggerGuardShield Installation (with "cut-away" views)


All TGS's can be cut or modified to your specific needs. The 0.010" thick 6/6 Nylon can easily be cut with standard household scissors.




How To Utilize the Cargo Pockets?

CCW Breakaways Cargo has the classic styling of our "normal-looking" khaki and it is constructed of a very soft comfortable 100% cotton brushed fabric. Our side cargo pockets are radically different in construction and function:

  • Each side cargo has two inner Velcro loop patches capable of carrying & concealing 2 Glock 33 round mags or 1 AR mag + 1 Glock 33 round mag. Additional MagSocks are required. 
  • CCW Breakaways' side cargo pockets were designed deeper to conceal the Glock 33 round sticks
  • No side pocket billowing for blending in and not looking tactical
  • No leading edge catch points for worry-free movement
  • One Velcro flap attachment for one-handed, gross-motor, zip-like-speed open for the fastest tactical reloads

No other cargo pants provides this tactical capability. This video below proves it.





How To Stop Pickpockets by using CCW Breakaways Holster-Pockets?

"When the Khakis and the Cargos are turned inside out, I see an extra strip of Velcro near the top of the Holster-Pocket. What's that there for?" There may be times or circumstances where you need employ really deep concealment. In some foreign countries, the cash in your pocket and the value of your stolen passport could become the pickpocket's annual income. Here's how to stop the pickpocket.

Step 1     Insert your passport or valuables into one of the Holster-Pockets.

Step 2     Fold-over the Holster-Pocket and match the bottom Velcro "hook" strip to the upper Velcro "loop" strip.

Step 3     Put on your pants and proceed as you normally would. You now have a normal depth pocket for regular use. Pickpockets can't access your secret compartment. And your valuables are securely stored.


pickpocket-1-350w.jpg       pickpocket-2-310w.jpg