Why isn't the CCW Breakaways Brand logo on the outside of pants?

Our mission is "Protecting Families & Saving Lives." This comes first and drives everything we do! CCW Breakaways products have been logo-sterilized. With our products, you will not be ID'd . . . and that is your tactical advantage!

Your security team will blend in and look normal. They will not telegraph their capabilities.

We are proud of our brand . . . we love our logo . . . but your life is more important than our branding. We deploy with everything kept inside . . . no exposed weapons, magazines, or knife attachment clips . . . and no logos.




 Rear Pockets of CCW Breakaways Khakis



Rear Pockets of CCW Breakaways Denim Jeans


 Rear Pockets of CCW Breakaways Cargos