Anti-Print Shield (APS) for All CCW Pants & Shorts

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  • The APS's first function is to prevent "printing" (especially in smaller-waisted guys) by "shielding" or "smoothing-over" high points of the larger firearms
  • The APS's second function is to prevent accidental, or intentional, external penetration into trigger guard area from an adversary 
  • Slide-in & slide-out of dedicated sleeve for installation & removal
  • Punch-cut from 0.010" thick flexible plastic
  • Four Choices: 1) APS for All Pants & Shorts, 2) Khakis & Cargos, 3) APS for Jeans, or 4) APS for MAKE-YOUR-OWN allow customizing to your specific application and are great for cargo pant side pockets
  • All APS's can easily be customized for your specific application with scissors