CCW Breakaways BLACK Cargo Shorts CCW Breakaways BLACK Cargo Shorts CCW Breakaways BLACK Cargo Shorts CCW Breakaways BLACK Cargo Shorts CCW Breakaways Black Cargo Shorts with firearm fully unholstered
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Black Concealed Carry Cargo Shorts

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  • Styling
    • Classic styling in a "normal-looking" Khaki pant but with added side Cargo pockets
    • Covert without a tactical operator appearance
    • Relaxed fit to enhance mobility & comfort
    • Rear pockets are flap-less blending into a more normal casual appearance
    • No exposed logos to telegraph your CCW capabilities


  • Construction
    • 100% Cotton - Soft durable 10.3 ounce brushed canvas
    • Tough YKK Brand zippers
    • No shrink pants - sewn, washed, dried and pressed before shipment eliminates shrinkage worry


  • Patented Holster-Pockets
    • Two integrated pockets designed for firearm carry and concealment - for right or left handed users
    • Fully adjustable for multiple firearm sizes and body shapes
    • Internal Velcro attachment points to accommodate spare magazine (MagSocks) and supplemental tools such as knives and lights
    • External sleeves to provide TriggerGuardShield (TGS) installation
    • "Breakaway" snaps disguised under the waistband to enhance firearm withdraw speed
    • Rip-stop-nylon liner - non-snagging fabric to enhance firearm withdraw speed & and no pocket lint


  • Side Cargo Pockets
    • Each side cargo has two inner Velcro loop patches capable of carrying & concealing 2 Glock 33 round mags or 1 AR mag + 1 Glock 33 round mag. Additional MagSocks are required.
    • CCW Breakaways' side cargo pockets were designed deeper to conceal the Glock 33 round sticks
    • No side pocket billowing for blending in and not looking tactical
    • No leading edge catch points for worry-free movement
    • One Velcro flap attachment for one-handed, gross-motor, zip-like-speed open for the fastest tactical reloads