Anti-Print Shield (APS) MAKE-YOUR-OWN

(You save $2.00 )


The APS's first function is to prevent "printing" (especially in smaller-waisted guys) by "shielding" or "smoothing-over" high points of the larger firearms. The APS's second function is to prevent accidental discharges caused by an adversary's external penetrations into the trigger guard area.

Easily slides in and slides out of dedicated sleeves for installation and removal.

Manufactured from 0.010" thick plastic.

Two choices: 1) the APS for all Pants and Shorts, or 2) the MAKE-YOUR-OWN APS.

The MAKE-YOUR-OWN APS can be cut to shape scissors for your specific applications. Great for the holster-pocket sleeve or the side cargo pockets to prevent printing.

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