Women's Concealed Carry Clothing; One Lady's Journey

Women's Concealed Carry Clothing; One Lady's Journey

Can a woman comfortably carry concealed on her body and still look feminine? This is a question I have wrestled with over the course of eight or so years after obtaining my concealed carry permit in 2012.

Here’s my recent story. I am learning quite a bit about "on the body carry” and using CCW Breakaways pants. I work in a 2nd chance manufacturing company in a human resource capacity. "Second chance" means that we hire individuals who have "dings" on their background. In my HR capacity, I enjoy hiring employees, but I also have the less enjoyable duty to terminate their employment with our company if something goes wrong. This can sometimes spark strong emotions leaving me feeling vulnerable. CCW Breakaways pants give me the peace of mind to protect myself in the event a disgruntled employee wants to harm me or my co-workers.

Recently, my husband and I participated in a building security meeting at our church congregation. We are both now part of that security team. The leader of the security team is in law enforcement and because my husband wears his shirt tucked in, the law enforcement officer thought Thomas was carrying in the waist band. He was shocked to know that Thomas carried in his pocket. The CCW Breakaways cargo pants conceal extremely well.

But allow me to back up and tell you about my CCW journey. Another driving force to get my concealed carry permit was the protection of my family. At the time, I was traveling to work 5 days a week with a round trip of nearly 3 hours. My former place of employment was in part of the city that was very dangerous. Our daughter was also expecting our 1st grandchild so keeping them both safe was paramount on both my husband’s mind and my own.

I have tried several different types of clothing/purse items to conceal carry. I tried a carry purse but if I didn’t have it with me, I was left unprotected. Additionally, the fear that a child could get into the purse carry pocket was always on our minds. My husband would guard it if we were in a public setting and I had to set it down for any reason. Next, I tried a belly band to carry. This works okay for short periods of time but by the end of the day I would be very sore from sitting. I also worried that the gun would get lose in the band and fall out. Drawing from a belly band is also not as easy as it looks. My reaction would be slowed down by needing to move clothing out of the way to get to it. I had the same issue with my shoulder holster, again I would be tired at the end of the day and even more clothing to move to draw. Don’t get me wrong, these are great products and I use the shoulder holster when we are mountain biking or camping in the summer.

So, my husband insisted that I try on his CCW Breakaway pants to see if they would work for a woman’s figure. He has been using CCW pants since Fall of 2017, wearing 5 to 6 days out of each week so I know the quality of the products. My biggest concern was that the pants would look too masculine on a female figure. I am 5’2” and have a curvy figure (women’s size pants 14-16). My husband is 6’1,”190lbs and a slender build. I tried them on, and my husband convinced me I still looked feminine. I decided to give them a try since my first impression was pocket carry was very comfortable and concealable. I purchased the dark blue khakis and a pair of blue jeans. Much to my surprise, both sets of pants look good on my figure and are comfortable. The waist is high compared to today’s low rider style of jeans, but I still have a comfortable fit while sitting down.

We also both recently purchased the SkinTight holster. This is a great product. I have a Springfield Hellcat and a smaller LCPII 380. To adjust the “grab” from the holster, my husband cut a small amount of memory foam to place in the bottom of it to get a better grip. The finger button along the side is a great guide to ensure correct placement of your hand when you pull it out of your pocket.

For the first time since getting my concealed carry in 2012, I feel like I can be prepared to defend my family and myself without the fear of someone noticing that I am carrying. I can draw my gun without additional steps of moving clothing out of the way and “muzzling” innocents in the process. The security of slipping my hand in my pocket if I am not sure of where a situation is headed or removing my hand from my pocket when the possible threat is over without any brandishing of my gun unnecessarily is comforting.

So, to answer my initial question . . . yes, a woman can comfortably conceal on her body and look feminine. I like the pants so much I am planning on getting the cargo pants in the future so I can carry a small LED flashlight and pepper spray.

Janine in North Carolina

February 2020