Lost Time without a Round in the Chamber

Lost Time without a Round in the Chamber

In a gun fight, time is precious. Milliseconds can save your life. Without a round in the chamber, it does take a finite amount of time to rack-the-slide and chamber-a-round. This video shows the unfortunate consequences of that choice.

CCW Breakaways ALWAYS will advocate safety first. While we encourage carrying with a round in the chamber, we also recommend either a gun with a safety, or the concealed carrier uses a hard-cased, impenetrable holster. Check out our SkinTight Holster below if you need this solution.

Watch the video. Learn this lesson. Practice drawing and firing from awkward positions and on the ground. Purchase an Airsoft gun and practice this scenario in a force-on-force drill.

CCW Breakaways SkinTight Holster eliminates the potential of an accidental discharge!

When you pocket-carry your firearm and draw from the blind inside your pocket, the patent pending “bump” registers your finger to prevent trigger guard penetration.

CCW Breakaways SkinTight Pocket Holster snuggly fits around your weapon

Super-skinny . . . not thick and bulky

Super-lightweight . . . only one ounce

Super-tough, hard-inner core . . . no trigger guard penetration

Super-soft skin . . . with just the right amount of stickiness keeps the holster in your pocket when drawing your gun

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CCW Breakaways SkinTight Holster Features