1 1/2" Wide Concealed Carry Black Belt

(You save $10.00 )


CCW Breakaways set out to produce

a multi-purpose belt with extreme

high quality,

high strength,

high fashion,

and high value.



We did it . . . and it is 100% American Made too!

Strong & Fine Quality Leather Belts with Multi-Purpose Holes-All-The-Way-Around
Solid Leather All-The-Way-Through | Not Veneered | No Fillers
Dyed Leather All-The-Way-Through | Not Just a Surface Treatment
All Sides Smooth and Finished | No Rough Edges
Stylish Black Leather with Recessed Groove Design
Solid Stainless Steel Buckle | High Strength
Extra Thick Leather for Stable & Secure IWB or OWB Holstering
Designed, Sourced & Completely Hand Crafted in the USA!


   Belt Width
      1 1/2"
   Belt Thickness
      0.140" nominal thickness (with real leather, the thickness on all hides vary several thousands of an inch)
   Belt Length
      A 32" Waist Belt is 38 1/2" in the Leather Length
      A 34" Waist Belt is 40 1/2" in the Leather Length
      A 36" Waist Belt is 42 1/2" in the Leather Length
      A 38" Waist Belt is 44 1/2" in the Leather Length
      A 40" Waist Belt is 46 1/2" in the Leather Length
      A 42" Waist Belt is 48 1/2" in the Leather Length
      A 44" Waist Belt is 50 1/2" in the Leather Length


CCW Breakaways Multi-Purpose Belts do more than just hold up your pants. America loves multi-purpose tools like a Leatherman Multi-Tool or a Swiss Army Knife. We often find ourselves in situations where we just can't carry everything we need with us. When that occurs, we improvise with multi-purpose devices.


With HOLES-ALL-THE-WAY-AROUND the belt, you can strip off your belt and use it for the following:

   temporary strap or banding instead of rope, duct tape, or tie wraps
   temporary emergency medical tool for tourniquet or direct pressure on wounds
   temporary sling
   temporary drag for injured person
   temporary restraint

And when you're using this belt to "just hold up your pants," you'll look pretty darn fashionable.

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