1 1/2" Wide Black Belt

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CCW Breakaways set out to produce a multi-purpose belt with extreme high quality, high strength, high fashion and high value. We did it . . . and it is 100% American Made too!

  • Strong & Extremely High Quality Leather Belts with Multi-Purpose Holes-All-The-Way-Around
  • Solid Leather All-The-Way-Through | Not Veneered | No Fillers
  • Dyed Leather All-The-Way-Through | Not Just a Surface Treatment
  • All Sides Smooth and Finished | No Rough Edges
  • Stylish Black Leather with Recessed Groove Design
  • Solid Stainless Steel Buckle | High Strength
  • Extra Thick Leather for Stable & Secure IWB or OWB Holstering
  • Designed, Sourced & Completely Hand Crafted in the USA!


  • Belt Width
    • 1 1/2"
  • Belt Thickness
    • 0.140" nominal thickness (with real leather, the thickness on all hides vary several thousands of an inch)
  • Belt Length
    • A 32" Waist Belt is 38 1/2" in the Leather Length
    • A 34" Waist Belt is 40 1/2" in the Leather Length
    • A 36" Waist Belt is 42 1/2" in the Leather Length
    • A 38" Waist Belt is 44 1/2" in the Leather Length
    • A 40" Waist Belt is 46 1/2" in the Leather Length
    • A 42" Waist Belt is 48 1/2" in the Leather Length
    • A 44" Waist Belt is 50 1/2" in the Leather Length

 CCW Breakaways Multi-Purpose Belts do more than just hold up your pants. America loves multi-purpose tools like a Leatherman Multi-Tool or a Swiss Army Knife. We often find ourselves in situations where we just can't carry everything we need with us. When that occurs, we improvise with multi-purpose devices.

With HOLES-ALL-THE-WAY-AROUND the belt, you can strip off your belt and use it for the following:

  • temporary strap or banding instead of rope, duct tape, or tie wraps
  • temporary emergency medical tool for tourniquet or direct pressure on wounds
  • temporary sling
  • temporary drag for injured person
  • temporary restraint

And when you're using this belt to "just hold up your pants," you'll look pretty darn fashionable.