I read an article in American Handgunner, Mar/Apr 2012 edition, regarding CCW Breakaways by Sammy Reese. I too have been looking for the perfect carry conceal system for many, many years. When I came across this article the old light bulb came on and I immediately ordered a pair of the comfortable cargo pants in dark olive. I now have received them and I am absolutely convinced that this is the way to go. They are very well made with top of the line material and my wife said I look very good in them. What more could you ask for? Thank you, Jay French, and thank you Sammy Reese for bringing this great apparel and carry system to my attention.

-Jim P, South Dakota


FINALLY! A way to carry my various 1911's comfortably concealed. My King Tuk was previously the go-to IWB carry. As I have little or no #@*%! the holster would pull my waistband down if carried behind the hip and mounted forward of the hip created some comfort issues. Plus the ready access capability by having your hand in your pocket in potentially dangerous locations is incomparable. 
Good thinking!

-Jim, Maine


I first purchased the shorts due to the warm weather here. They fit great and my Beretta 92 disappeared into the pocket with no imprint. Weather cooled off and I purchased the dress pants with same results. Can't wait for the denim! big grin

-Gordon, California


Very satisfied with purchase. Tried out on range and was very impressed with speed and maneuverability. Can't say how happy I am to be able to tuck a shirt in again. Have a Glock 23 with a Veridian C5L. Fits perfectly.

-Lawrence, Florida


But on the other hand, I also feel more comfortable with a less than lethal 
option (a Taser C2 or large pepper spray)in my off hand pocket as Plan A for friends and family. So far I have shorts, slacks, cargo, and khakis. No extra motions to dress or make reststops. Much easier. These pants look well on me, rather than "Tacticool".

-Lee, California


I LOVE the cargo shorts! They are well-constructed, fit me well, and my carry gun just melts into the pocket without being seen or being uncomfortable. I have an S&W bodyguard 380 that I use for pocket carry but I really like being able to carry something with more power without having to worry about how to conceal it.

-Steve, Colorado

I prefer to carry revolvers, and I recently got a 2" Chiappa Rhino revolver. It works great in my CCW Breakways! The Rhino has a wide muzzle area in the front, which perfectly in these pockets.

Mostly, I've been carrying J Frame revolvers: small, light, and 5 shot--great for carrying, but not what I would want if I had to use it! They fit into most pockets, but I have some unusually designed (and hard to find!) shorts which work especially well.

The Rhino is a larger, heavier (25 oz), 6 shot: which shoots and feels terrific...but won't come out of even my special shorts quickly, prints, and swings too much in the pocket. But with the CCW Breakways it comes out quick as lightening, conceals well, and rides well. This is my new carrying norm!

Best wishes,

-Steve, Virgina 

Saw you last day of conference, bought 4 pair. Love them, been wearing them to church and out on date night. When do the jeans come out as that is ny normal wear. Thanks for a good product.

-Chuck, Pennsylvania


I recieved my order a few months back and was extremely pleased with the pants & shorts. I had been using an IWB holster as my carry rig. Going to a pocket carry is so much better. 

What cinched this product for me was when one of my colleagues at our gun club commented that I wasn't wearing my gun the other day. I promptly set him straight by doing a presentation drill on the indoor range. 

The breakaway worked flawlessly and instantly out came a full size Glock. He was totally blown away and had no clue I was carrying. Keep up the good work. You have a winner.

-Howard, New Hampshire


They are awesome. Didn't take long to set them up, hi quality fabric, and work very well. I've already called a friend with a CCW to tell him about you. 

Sign me up for shorts and the jeans, when you get them. Let me know when they come in. 

I figure it this way, they may cost more than a regular pair of pants, but I've spent a whole lot of money on holsters that didn't work for me, and that didn't work with any other pistol. You're saving me money. Can't wait for the jeans.

-Alan, Virginia


I received my slacks today and they fit the way I expected. I bought them a little tight because I'm losing weight. I can still conceal a full size 45. The snaps open in one smooth motion when you draw. Excellent job. 

Every one that carries concealed should have several pair. I'm going to do my best to get the word out.

-Rick, Arizona


I just finished driving from NY to NC-- about a 13 hour drive. Wore my CCW Breakaways with my Taurus 24/7 holstered in my pocket the whole time.

Ate in a Waffle House, stopped at a Sheetz went to the mens room, and stopped in several other C-stores all while carrying in my CCW Breakaways pants.

Very comfortable! Very good feeling both physically and emotionally.

-T Mclaurin, North Carolia


I bought a pair for my husband. He carries a Sig Mosquito 22. His gun fits perfectly and I never even noticed he was carrying.

You have truly provided a great product! Thanks so much.

-J. Seger, Oregon


I didn't believe it could be true. But boy was I wrong? These pants are everything you said they were... and more!

Thanks CCW Breakaways!

-R. Williams, Georgia


I need to buy a second pair so I can wash the pair I am wearing now. I don't want to take these off! 

Thanks for a great product! wink

-John, Arizona


Thanks! I purchased a pair of the Comfortable Cargo's in Dark Olive! I have no complaints. They where great. 

I carry a Taurus 24/7 Pro DS and it fits perfectly. There is a little getting used to... but then again, I never carried my gun this way.

Overall, I am very pleased. And I feel much safer now.

-M. Anderson, Central PA