STANDARD TriggerGuardShield (TGS)

Current Stock:


  • The TGS's first function is to prevent "printing" (especially in smaller-waisted guys) by "shielding" or "smoothing-over" high points of the larger firearms
  • The TGS's second function is to prevent accidental, or intentional, external penetration into trigger guard area from an adversary


  • Slide-in & slide-out of dedicated sleeve for installation & removal
  • Punch-cut from 0.010" thick 6/6 nylon
  • Accessory for Glock and other firearms without a manual mechanical safety selector


  • STANDARD TGS for CCW Breakaways Khakis & Cargos
  • JEANS TGS for CCW Breakways Jeans
  • MAKE-YOUR-OWN TGS for customizing to your specific application
  • All TGS's can easily be modified with scissors