The Most Widely Used Method of Concealed Carry?

The Most Widely Used Method of Concealed Carry?

Just Google the question and you'll find that "pocket carry" is the most widely used method of concealed carrying firearm.

The world has changed. No longer is pocket carry reserved for "mouse guns." That used to be the rule of the land. More and more firearm manufacturers are producing 9mm slim lines and compacts that offer as much as 13 rounds. Consider these solid options:

Glock 43 and Glock 26

Sig P365 and P320

Springfield Hellcat

Smith & Wesson Shield

Taurus G2C

Ruger LC9 and Ruger EC9

Mossber MC1sc

FN Slim 503

Kahr CW9

Walther PPS M2

Click on the pocket carry progression below and learn about the top four reasons for CCW Breakaways concealed carry clothing and adopt pocket carry.

Top Four Reasons for Concealed Carry Clothing and Pocket Carry

  1. Convenience . . . no wasted time strapping on a belt and holster
  2. Comfort . . . below the hip-line-of-flexure for all day seated positions
  3. Blending-In Dress Code . . . the Gray Man principle
  4. Speed . . . faster than from a traditional holster, with half the cycle time eliminated

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