Street Fight Statistics

Street Fight Statistics

CCW Breakaways concealed carry, street fighting, and survival techniques were created to address the shortcomings in structured martial arts systems. The founder of CCW Breakaways studied Asian and Israeli systems. A smart Black Belts knows their limitations and constantly looks for points of failure.

What about ground fighting skills? Gracie Brazilian Ju Jitsu trained street fighters have a distinct advantage. We can learn something from their style. One Gracie Combative Student analyzed 100 separate incidents on YouTube and provided statistical-based conclusions.

1) Almost all fights will go to the ground and stay there

It is an old cliché that “all fights go to the ground”. And basically, it is true. Participants engaged in ground fighting 73% percent of the time. When you take out those ten-second knockouts that make up so many early finishes, the number jumps up to 83%.

2) Knockouts happen in the first ten seconds or not at all.

23% of the fights ended in a knockout (which is defined as a single blow that incapacitated a participant). What was interesting about these is that more than half, 64%, occurred in the first ten seconds.

3) Bystanders usually let fights go on. Nowadays, the crowd is more interested to film altercations than to get involved and help.

The good news is that only 26% of fights involved a third party getting involved. This means that most fights that started between two people, stayed between two people. The bad news is that when other people did get involved, it was often (68% of the time) the classic “friend jumps in” to join in the fight.

4) Fights often have no clear winner. The best option is to avoid an altercation all together if there is a way.

The most surprising outcome in fighting seems to be no outcome at all. 48.4% of the fights ended indecisively.

5) Men clinch 50% of the time and Women clinch 79% of the time.

Unlike gym sparring and practice drills (which should be done regularly), street fights are very chaotic. They are spontaneous, they have trigger points and bad things can happen in an instant.

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