Paying Attention Buys You Time and Options with Multiple Attackers

Paying Attention Buys You Time and Options with Multiple Attackers

If you are not paying attention to your surroundings, your survivability can be compromised. Unfortunately, the "Good Guy" in this self-defense scenario loses his battle, but eight valuable lessons can be gleaned from this conflict. Watch. Learn. Ponder the lessons summarized below the video.

Lesson One. Always be armed and be prepared. This guy was armed, he had a dash-cam, but he wasn't prepared. Cell-phone-focus can steals valuable reaction time.

Lesson Two. Pay attention. Situational awareness. Attention-Buys-You-Time. Time-Buys-You-Options.

Lesson Three. Comply fully, or resist fully.

Lesson Four. Train for a startle response. Understand Thought-Pattern-Interruptions. Speed + Surprise = Shock.

Lesson Five. Avoid Stupid People - Stupid Places - Stupid Times. Cockroaches come out at night.

Lesson Six. Vulnerability increases in transitional spaces.

Lesson Seven. Multiple attackers are increasing in frequency. Two on One is bad.

Lesson Eight. Train and drop the valuables in your hands. Once the entanglement begins, dropping your $1000 cell phone can save your life.

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