Corona Virus and Concealed Carry

Corona Virus and Concealed Carry

I have witnessed incredible acts of human kindness and incredible acts of human desperation due to the 2020 Corona Virus Pandemic. I have observed complete strangers buying toilet paper for another person. And I have observed tremendous shortages of basic life staples. My wife and I have resolved to "love our neighbor as ourselves" and provide food and paper products to the best of our ability.

Panic buying has set in to our society. Desperate people do desperate acts. Now is the time to have a heightened situational awareness. We're living in a time when wolves attack sheep . . . and I know if you're reading this, you're probably a sheepdog who is committed to protecting sheep. God bless you!

Armed gangs have stolen. Banks are warning of attacks at ATMs. Grocery Stores all over the world are experiencing shortages, rationing purchases, and breaking up fights. Guns stores are experiencing panic buying of guns and ammo.

The three videos below teach us about human behavior. Watch. Learn. Apply the life lessons.

Now is the time to Conceal Carry to protect yourself and those you love!

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Always be prepared. Always carry comfortably.

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