In-Vehicle Seated Gun Draw

Skill Development | In-Vehicle Seated Draw

Most folks spend a lot of their "training time" by aiming the gun and pulling the trigger. This is important.

But I've found the more difficult skills to develop, to maintain, and to become proficient at . . . are skills like carrying and drawing in awkward and uncomfortable situations. You know, the situations that are a normal part of life.

Watch the 11 second video and jot down some observations.




What do you see that was done well? What needs improvement? I probably practiced this drill with my two buddies for more than 45 minutes before we loaded the gun and live-fired at the targets.

At first, I wasn't smooth. At the beginning, I wasn't quick.

But by practicing the firearms safety rules, and through some repetition, and getting great feedback from my observers . . . I was able to make some improvements. Perfect? No. Better? Yes.

You can sharpen any skill on your own, but when you've got a skilled trainer . . . a skilled mentor . . . a skilled buddy-on-the-range . . . he can really accelerate your development.

Look at the first couple of seconds. Did you see the guy tapping on my shoulder? And the guy holding the camera? They were my coaches.

Proverbs 27:17 says, "Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another."

Find someone to sharpen you. Then spend some time sharpening them.

Spend more time on accessing your gun and drawing. Get someone to video you. Smart phones make this easier than ever. Then play-it-back and make adjustments.

Some tips when drawing from inside a vehicle:

  • Practice the coordinated movement of your left hand, and your left knee opening the door, while your right hand is retrieving the gun
  • Remove the safety after draw stroke
  • Muzzle the dash not your legs
  • Chest-Index the butt of the gun across your chest
  • And finally, aiming and pulling the trigger is the easy part


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