CCW Breakaways makes four bold claims about our EVERYDAY CARRY approach.

We are:

  • the most convenient gun holster (because it is built-into our clothing). There is no wasted time putting on special clothes, cover garments, or lacing up a holster. Just drop in your firearm and go!
  • the most comfortable carry method (because there is no gun-pinch or binding at the waistband) like IWB's or OWB's. You can carry all-day-long without pain and discomfort.
  • The most hidden and deepest concealed method (because we don't telegraph our capabilities). You wear normal-looking clothing . . . Khakis, Cargos, Jeans, and Shorts.
  • The fastest-gun-draw-from-concealment (because we've cut half the cycle time out of the sequence of movements). You will pre-stage your grip on the weapon. Before the need to draw. When you draw, you will use one hand . . . not two. 


These four features lead to the most tactically proficient method for life-saving firearms concealment.