CCW Breakaways Exchange & Return Policy

We are fortunate to have a very high repeat-order customer-base. We believe this has come about due to our simple business philosophy . . . we offer unique high-quality products and service . . . we do everything possible to keep customers satisfied . . . and then, they will come back for more. It really works!

But sometimes an exchange or return is necessary.



If a wrong size was selected, we will exchange it.  No problem. We're just like a brick & mortar store . . . try it on . . . if it doesn't fit properly . . . just send it back to us.  We strongly encourage our customers to examine the Proper Fit webpage before ordering because shipping costs are so expensive. Do not rely upon your current pant size labels. Our products are TRUE-TO-SIZE . . . and most clothing manufacturers use Vanity Sizing.

The returning pants need to be in new, unused condition.  Do not remove the hang tags. Do not wash and dry them. Place the pants back in the storage & shipping bag. Enclose your packing slip with the exchange instructions written on the reverse side.

And just like the brick & mortar store, you will be responsible for the transportation costs in both directions. We offer a steep discount for shipping on your original order (only $6.99 for USPS Priority Mail). We also offer a discount for exchange-shipping too. USPS charges $14.35 for Priority Mail . . . which we discount to $13.50.

Exchange Shipping can be paid one of several ways. Please select the method that is most convenient to you:

    1. You can enclose a check for $13.50 with your original order and packing slip.
    2. Or, upon receipt of your package, we can generate an invoice for $13.50, which will be sent to you by email to be paid online.
    3. Or, you can call our office at 717-774-2152 and we can process your credit card directly. 

 Ship to: CCW Breakaways EXCHANGE | 1619 Lowell Lane | New Cumberland, PA 17070

Exchanges will be honored up to 21 days after receipt of your order. Please Contact Us if you have any questions.



If you would like a refund . . . that is not a problem.  Again, it is just like a brick & mortar store procedure. The returning pants need to be in new, unused condition.  Do not remove the hang tags. Do not wash and dry them. Please place the pants back the storage & shipping bag and then ship the products back to us in a box by either USPS, UPS, or FedEx.

Upon receipt, the products will be inspected, sticky-lint-roller cleaned, re-pressed, and re-packaged. If the products are in an "as new" and resalable condition, a refund will be issued. An inspection and restocking fee of $5 per pant will be assessed.

If the pants have pet hair, food stains, pen-pencil-marker stains, odors, shows signs of wear, or stuffed in a shipping envelope whereby they were excessively wrinkled beyond use, the clothing will be deemed "used." We will not be able to provide a refund since we cannot sell used clothing.

USPS's Priority Mail cost is $14.35. When your order was created, you were instantly discounted $7.36. You paid a flat rate shipping cost of $6.99. So, we partially-recover the non-refundable shipping discount by assessing a $6.00 fee. 

Enclose your packing slip with a written message indicating REFUND REQUESTED and ship to:

CCW Breakaways REFUND | 1619 Lowell Lane | New Cumberland, PA 17070

Special Orders are nonrefundable. Additionally, if products are returned for a refund that received a discount on the original order (such as FREE Shipping), then that discount will be deducted before the refund is provided.

Refunds will be honored up to 28 days after the receipt of your order. Please Contact Us if you have any questions.



Why 28 days? CCW Breakaways adopted similar exchange/return policies of the nationally known, brick and mortar clothing store brands. There's a limit on the duration of time for three main reasons:

    1. Stores can't sell "used" clothing as "new" clothing. Humidity, unique household odors, and sometimes pet odors absorb into the fabrics and change the freshly-washed new smell of the garments.
    2. Construction materials and components sometimes change from lot-to-lot due to the availability of global supply chains . . . and this makes older lots obsolete. And,
    3. Our financial institutions have expiration dates on credit card transactions. Even with super computers in today's world . . . there's only so much data that can be retained . . . and there are purge cycles.




Defective Merchandise?  We don't believe anyone intentionally strives to make mistakes, but alas, we are human and mistakes occur from time to time. Please Contact Us within 5 days of receipt of your goods. Keep the bags and tags intact. We will make arrangements to repair or replace your item quickly so that you will be a satisfied customer. CCW Breakaways will take care of all the shipping costs. Do not attempt to self-repair a defective item. This will void your ability to return the item.

Our 45 day warranty is for product quality and workmanship. We do not warrant misuse or replace items that have become damaged due to excessive use of force. If you would like us to repair an item, please call our office and we work with you on a case-by-case basis.